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Système de brassage DME 5 bbl complet à vendre

Publié le 09 Mars 2017 à 15:03:54


Helping us winning to the CBC, WBA, CBA and Mondial de la biere, this Canadian made heavy duty brewing system will be available at the end of this year. We do use it since 10 years ago and we are now growing. Almost every equipment of this wonderful system is available. Description of the system :

  1. Two (2) vessels 5 BBL heavy-duty DME brewhouse including :
    1. One (1) 5 BBL DME lauter tun (no rakes), V-type removable underscreen and wall side manway for easy spent grain removal.
    2. One (1) 5 BBL DME steam Kettle-Whirlpool (2 steam jackets working independently) and a steam/condensate evaporation system (alternative to a stack).
    3. One (1) 7 BBL DME electric HLT and an additional steam/water Thermofin heat exchanger.
    4. All 3 tanks include fixed removable spray balls.
    5. Working platform with fixed hard piping, very useful manifold, manual liquor blend valves & flowmeter, wort pump on VFD and relay-type control panel including 8 temperature controllers (3 for brewhouse, 3 for unitanks and 2 spares for Brite tanks or unitanks).
    6. Two (2) wort heat exchanger linked with the fixed brewhouse hard piping. First HEX is water/wort Thermofin exchanger and the second HEX is glycol/wort Mueller exchanger.
  2. Three (3) 10 BBL robust DME unitanks, with glycol jackets. Each unitank includes: top manway, fixed removable spray ball and accessories (valves, relief valve, sampling valve, gauge, CIP arm).
  3. Three (3) 10 BBL DME service tanks (Brite tanks), no glycol jacket. Each tank includes: top manway, fixed removable spray ball and accessories (valves, relief valve, sampling valve, gauge, CIP arm).
  4. One (1) Canadian made RAD Equipment 2 rolls malt mill, model RAD300 and one (1) DME grist hydrator.
  5. One (1) movable CIP pump and its additional wall mounting splash proof (Nema 4x) VFD.
  6. One (1) 4 heads manual DME keg washer including one pump, one 25 gallons solution tank with a 5 kW heating element, 2 manifolds and valves.
  7. One (1) VELO 20 plates filter.
  8. One (1) glycol ICS chiller, Canadian made. Includes all glycol lines: 1’’ cup piping, ball valves, solenoid valves, vents, gauges, insulation and pipes cladding.
  9. One (1) 142 000 BTU/hr Hydrotherm propane steam boiler, Canadian made. Includes all steam lines: steel piping, 2 condensate pots & pumps, steam traps, vents, manual valves.

The DME brewing system has been manufactured in Canada in 2003, except for the three (3) DME Brite tanks. Those Brite tanks have been manufactured in China in 2013.

100 000 USD, as is. Price excludes dismantling, crating and shipping.

Location of the brewing system:

A la Fut

670 Notre-Dame

Saint-Tite (Quebec) G0X 3H0


Availability of the whole system: November or December 2017, to be discussed.

For further information and pictures, you may contact Francis Foley:


Publié le 21 Mars 2017 à 19:03:20

Le système est déjà vendu.

Merci à tous les brasseurs qui ont manifesté un intérêt. À notre grand étonnement, tout s'est déroulé très rapidement.